Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring break - to many dogs.

So my best friend came for spring break but now she is missing.

SO i have a pediction.

THERE was this new dog. The Chinese new pet. who i thought she loved me. Well she had a new pretty looking dog. BUT dont get close to her or she will bit your head off. I just heard she attacted Chinese crush but i guess that is ok. I dont know him. BUT OF ALL DOGS she hates me... y me....

WELL when i came home MY bestfriend was not here and i think that that little Black Night Mare (up above is her) ate her. THEY never got along at all. BUT what other things could have happened to her. I really dont like Blacky but i cant do anything now. My masters locked me up so that is prob. when she ate her!!!


Loyal, Fun Playing, Caring.




Molly said...

I tried to be nice to her I swear. But she wasn't gonna have it!

B.B. said...

lol. bb is still sad!!!

Molly said...

And I didn't attack him...I was just trying to get my treat ball back!

I'm sorry BB, but I heard that your friend left to live with her mommy and daddy to give you a chance to breath! I was only there for a week and she is one CRAZY dog!

B.B. said...

I know but im a crazy dog too. and im her mommy!!! she was an Orphen!!!