Monday, March 24, 2008

IT has been 56 LONG YEARS that i have had to live with these people!!!I am B.B., a master mind 0f any thing! Im the great HoudiniDog of the days! I can do any thing!But i have been slowed down by these people who will not let me run free!They are not crule but not normal!

There is the old one! THE BIG MASTER!His name also starts with a B but i cant remeber it!He is fun to play with, be never to fresh around him. He can be a snaper- reminds me of a pitbull!NEVER I SAY NEVER lick him when he is asleep! YOU WILL DIE! bad bad experence!The littlist master always thinks it is funny to put treets on this face when he is asleep but i dont dare to get near! Little snot!The best one of all!

MOM! She is not my master she is my mommy!She is the best thing of this whole deal where i have to live!She loves me ans cares for me and when littlist one and BIG MASTER come she hits them with a spoon! (or i wish she would)She sneeks me food all the time(pleas dont tell BIG MASTER i really dont want to get sent to the cage)ALSO when BIG MASTER is not here i sleep on the bed with her! IT IS A BIG NO NO! but i love it!

There are 2 others but i harly see them! They are the littlist ones sidekick! The bald spoted one is sometimes nice but then she to has a dog and when she comes i really dont pay attion to her!The Chinese one is funny! I LOVE her hair all curly and a lovly white! She also is like mom but not my mommy! she loves me and feeds me to! BUT THE BEST PART IS.... SHE does hit littlist one with a spoon! BOL!! (bark out loud) I hardly get to see her! SHE has also gotten a dog name meme or polly or jolly! I think cant remeber her name?!?! Cant wait to meet her though!

NOW THE LITTLIST ONE!She is a good friend but will not leave me alone! She loves to pet, takle, talk, not walk, sit on, stuggle, kiss, tickle, pull, rid, ME and im 56 years old!!! OH MAN we have to many storys and i dont have any time left! Ill wright another blog latter but littlist one is coming and i must act like im asleep but that has never stop her befor! it does not hurt to try!!Well time to sleep for the next 24/7 and try to find away out! btyl (bark to yall latter)

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